> Importance of Plagiarism-Free Content

Originality sells for long-term. It is moral and logical to use one’s own words to supply an idea. In a sense that makes plagiarism cheating through the system and trying to gain attention and success through the hard work of other individuals.

It is thoroughly frowned upon by writers, professors, clients, and many more industries where content is required. 

Considering the increase of using web-based knowledge in everyday life, the content that goes out into the internet carries responsibility and work. 

Moreover, writers take their utmost time to rank themselves in Google rankings and study SEO with the same passion they have for writing. 

If one person steals their content then their ranking is affected and can hurt their position as a writer.


Here are some of the few reasons why plagiarism is harmful and why original content will always be the wave:

Against the Law:

  • This doesn’t need to be quoted because committing fraud and ‘stealing’ someone else’s content is a crime and deemed illegal.
  • If proper charges are forwarded by the party that was wronged, then there is a likely a chance that the law can get involved. Therefore, make sure to focus on originality and avoid silly rephrasing (that is a 50% copy) or general copy and paste. 


  • Here is where the morality kicks in. People, believe it or not, pour their soul out into their work to not only get ranked but write a quality article that reflects the topic well.
  • Someone that doesn’t have the same patience cannot just simply copy their work and call it a day; it is not only insensitive but unfair as well. 
  • There is this thing called: unintentional plagiarism. It occurs when the writer forgets to cite their sources and quotes directly from another place. So, referencing is important as it can save a lot of misery and takes zero effort. 
  • Also, original content is an embodiment of self-knowledge and results in all sorts of experiences. 
  • So, a person can easily better themselves from the negative experience and keep opting for the path for originality as it is the perfect way for a long-term stable income. Not to mention, it is safe and contributes to the development of one’s skills as well. 


Pessimistic Impression:

Needless to say, if a student hands in a plagiarized work then their reputation can simply get tainted as the web is free and finding out plagiarism is becoming easier by the day. 

This isn’t only applicable to students but in any industry, if there is plagiarized work- a person’s skills will be questioned, their position can be in danger, and they can be hard to trust.


Getting Banned by Google

Google works hard to find out the fraud and once it does, it is possible that the plagiarizing person’s site can get shut down or banned.

Plagiarism affects the working of Google ranking and can move a site down to the absolute bottom if it practices in plagiarism.

Overall, the above reasons straightforwardly suggest that it is vital to focus on non-copied personally made content that has original ideas. 

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