> How sitemap XML is handled, how important it is, and how to create it.

What is a sitemap?


A sitemap is a file that is uploaded to your site's server, in the main path of the site files.

This file should contain all the links on the site to help Google spiders and other search engine spiders crawl your site. This file is extended or in XML format.


This file contains some references to site links including:


- Indicates the last time a change was made to each web page.

- Indicate the importance of each site link.


Why do you need a map for your website?


If your pages are properly linked, Google's crawlers typically crawl most of your site's pages. However, a Sitemap can improve your site's crawl, especially if your site meets one of the following criteria:


- Your site is already large. As a result, Google's robots are unlikely to be able to crawl some of your new or recently updated pages.

- Your site contains a large archive of isolated or unrelated content pages. If your site's pages do not normally refer to each other, you can include them in your sitemap to ensure that Google's robots do not overlook crawling some of your pages.

- Your site is new and contains a few external links to it. Google robots crawl and crawl other search engines into the web by following links from page to page. As a result, Google spiders may not detect your pages if there are no other sites linked to them.

- Your site uses rich media content, appears in Google News, or uses other annotations that are compatible with Sitemaps. Google can take additional information from Sitemap files into account with search results, where appropriate.



How to create an XML sitemap?


If your site depends on the WordPress platform you will find many of the specialized additions to create a site map for WordPress sites and the most important of these additions:


- Google XML Sitemaps

This add-on is trusted by more than 2 million WordPress sites, updated periodically to make them better in performance, and has an excellent rating from users.


- Yoast SEO

It is well known that Yoast is an integrated SEO solution for sites that use WordPress. One of the advantages of adding Yoast is to create a sitemap.

To activate this feature, go to the Settings > Add > General > General tab, then select Top Features, and then make the XML sitemaps button on as shown in the picture below.


You can view more of the best Wordpress add-ons:


- Wordpress Plugins Sitemap


If your site relies on another platform or programming language, you will use some sites that offer such services for free. I will recommend this site to you through which you can get a map of your site in a few moments and then upload it to Google.


- XML-sitemaps


After creating the sitemap file, upload it to your site's server in the main path of the site (public_html).



How important is the sitemap for each website?


According to Google itself, a sitemap is particularly important in the following cases:


   - Your site is new, and you want an easy way to identify search engines on it.

   - Your site should be large in size, with a large number of internal pages.

   - The pages of your site are not properly linked, or there are certain pages on your site that are not linked to the rest of the pages.


But anyway the site map is important for each web site, not just in cases that have been mentioned.


The conclusion is that the importance of a sitemap is that it gives a clear, direct and explicit map of Google spiders and other search engine spiders to crawl all pages of the site correctly and intelligently for archiving.


How do I submit a Sitemap to a Google search engine?


You're supposed to have a Google Webmaster Tools account here, but it's hard to calculate how Gmail can create a new account.

After creating your account and activating your site, follow these steps:


- Go to Crawl.

- Click the small arrow next to it.

- A list of your Sitemaps will drop you off.

- Click the add / test sitemaps button in the top left.

- Put the name of the file you previously uploaded to the host, which may be in the name of sitemap.xml.

- Then click the submit button.


Wait until Google checks and approves the sitemap.


Each time you enter into your Google Webmaster Tools you will find a report on the site map, in terms of the number of links indexed by Google out of the number of links in the sitemap.

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